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From bridge to ether
From beginning, they calling him dzI/O. I have no idea, which individual named him that way for the first time. It is not possible to easily classify him. He is extremely complicated and simple and straightforward at the same time. He is who he is and probably won't be any different. Sometimes he is "saint" and sometimes he is the biggest sinner. He is the judge and the condemned. He is a healer and at the same time he is being treated. He is everything and he is nothing. He is both a rebel and an obedient child. He is dust and to dust he will return. He is information. He wants to be "naked", he is always "hungry", he would like to "smoke" all the time, and I don't know what else. Simply call him dzI/O. He is nothing else. Just and only dzI/O.
When he was born, the name Maroš was written on his birth certificate, which is of Latin origin - maris (translation – man) and I've read from the wise book that he should be kind and willing, that he always helps his friends and that he is faithful and reliable. Well, I'll say it like this: don't trust smart books, you will avoid many disappointments.
Like every person, he too had bright, brighter, darker and dark moments in his life, which affected the way he influenced his surroundings. Like other people, he also experienced a lot of pleasure and joy in his life, but also a lot of sadness, disappointment and suffering, which shaped him into the current form. Like every person, he also did many nice and good things in his life, which he enjoyed, but also an awful lot of mistakes, for which he has already paid, is paying or will continue to pay. Like any human, he is obviously not perfect, and therefore not always able to do what is expected from him. If it bothers you, and if you can, please forgive him for being a "just" human. Not many people call him by his real name. He suffered for a long time because his name wasn't on the calendar, imagine that childhood without a nameday. Then he's tucked away with his brother, so now they're riding a white horse together...
He was born in Trebišov, and long time has resided in the heart of the far-off Slovak East (Košice). He later settled in the Danube plain, specifically in Gabčíkovo, because our southern neighbours didn't want to build Above Maros, so he had to come. Unofficial version: He was a secret agent sent to asimilate the Hungarian majority. However, in general, this has not happened for the logs that, as is ordinary, life throws you off your feet, so for 12 years he lived and worked in the central of our beautiful Slovak birth chest = in Bláva. Finally, he returned to his native chest - Trebišov...
He was never a household handyman, I'll tell you that right off the bat, never with his tools in hand, never fixed the plumbing. He never had a good memory at a hammer or the saw when he wanted to hang the painting at home, he almost died. When he grabs the pliers timidly, don't get too excited about what might happen to him, so get away from him. Thank you, Mr. Lipa. I couldn't have said it better myself.
During his elementary school, he was called philosopher. So explanation, please. Let's think for a second. Do you think it's enough for someone to say something and not able to clarify it? Is it enough for someone to state facts and information and not say what makes them right and true? Who can say that what is generally considered to be true has really this quality? The problem of individual views that perceive reality creates the impression that everything is relative. And we all are looking for absolute. Or? The view of each of us is highly subjective and is objectified by taking into account more facts, information, knowledge, experience, possibilities, views, etc. The level of understanding, knowledge and awareness of man or mankind limits what we currently regard as decisive and on which the lay or academic public generally coincides, or what we 'currently' believe. No one said, however, that we have all the information necessary to create an overall and definitive view of a particular problem or system of how things works. For everything, just one example. You realize that this land has already been the plate, it's been the center of the universe, and where are we today? In the solar system? In the galaxy? In 11 dimensions? Who knows? We'll see if we don't go blind.
He doesn't like violence. He thinks that, primarily, one should use what grows in one's head (yes, straw) based on the music, one hears from the chest area (yes, house music;)
He loves laugh and good cheer, mirth and natural joy. He usually managed to live up that way, but then his friends asked him on what he takes. As they say, with a smile, life is easier. Althought the reasons for smiling are sometimes difficult to find, he believes that every effort should be made to do so. That's definitely paying off.
When he will be big, he'll drive steamboats, or at least a small yacht. Becoming a sailor is one of his most secret ;) dreams.
His favourite car is a Clio. If he rode past you on 110 horses, you'd know what he is talking about. Whoever saw the ad knows, what he means - gedappaaaaaaa ;)
Every day he becomes a different..., ehmmm man.
He used to play the flute, the clarinet and the saxophone, but that was a long time ago. And they also told him he had a musical ear - you'll see in the company of stars;The most recent goal he has set is to dust off the dingy glory of his wild musical past, majorettes can talk a lot about;)
He decided to set up a futuristic-demonist ;) rap group: A crazy horse and his even speedy cowboy. With this he will literally control the masses ;) They're gonna freak out. He's gonna be a celebrity, and all the teenage girls will go crazy when they see him in a magazine ;)
For a long time (in Košice) he lived in the pingeon house. For the record, sometimes there were pigeons, then he caught them, made soup, ate them, and then he take the place. During this process, negotiations took place with the squatters concerned. That meant he had to learn their language ;) And now he occasionally is snorting that snort, snort;)
He thinks that when you judge things by their package, you're deprived of a lot of good content. But that's everybody's choice, and they say the package sells. So hurry to Tesco :)
"Fornicate" should only be used if it's from love. Although, one day we'll all meet in the same bed ;) So what should we do? ;) It's dilemma :)
Is there anything after dead? It's hard to say. A man should behave in a way that it doesn't matter what happens after he dies. Whether we end up in the ground or continue our journey. Try not to hurt others, enjoy the place as much as possible, learn and play.
According to him, those people who manifest themselves and behave towards their surroundings in not good way, need the most love from their surroundings. He thinks that love can help the them most. They may be the kind of people who never knew love or have a problem and then show up. And how do you expect people who have never known the love to show it, or those who have trouble showing it for some reason, to show love? Those who didn't know the love we should be allow to know it by giving it to them. And them, who have a problem, love will help best to fight the problem and overcome it. Now you just choose the right form of love ;) And what's the best face in a given moment? Well, that's a deep philosophical question ;)
He identified a major problem with his will. He couldn't find her in any way. They told him to find the seed and let it grow. So I ask. What gardening store do they sell that at? :)
Laziness was sometimes his favourite attribute, but he doesn't have time for it right now. So now it's schizophrenia ;) For example, often there are fights in him between romantic and realist and at least a thousand other personalities. Well, what can I say to you, as in almost every person. No problem, the fight is over -> At last only dzI/O remained ;)
Sometimes he used to talk in riddles and pictures and he loved ambiguities. Sometimes he doesn't know what he meant. It is only by deep analysis and endless thought that it comes to that. Trust him, it's disgusting when you can't even sleep because of it. But he found that the best explanation of things is a simple example that even a small child can understand.
He realized that many misunderstandings arise from misunderstandings of each other's views. It's hard even to judge what a given person is talking about if we have no experience with the subject. It's even worse when our experience doesn't match that of the other person. And that happens a lot. Then there is a conflict where the people involved defend their views. Therefore, the priority should be to focus on clarifying our views (definitions) on what we are talking about before anything is resolved. It's very important to know what is prejudice and what is fact. That is what we must learn first.
There were times, when he loved other people more than he loved himself, but by that he was neglecting himself. He worked on himself and learned to think about himself and his needs, desires, dreams and goals. Because that's important, too, and now he's trying to find a balance between how much he loves himself and others.
He doesn't think it's the best to rely on luck. Rather than that, we should rely on ourselves, our abilities and our talents, because happiness is like a sport. We can believe, but the odds of winning are slim, because it's a collective game in which there are many players and everyone believes and hopes that he will win. On the other hand, if a man knows what he wants, believes in himself and tries hard enough, the way to achieve success and achieve life's goals should always be found. I'm not saying the road is easy but what would it be about? Effortlessly? Without moving? Who would then appreciate the achievement and joice in achieving it? Success goes hand in hand with the emotional fulfillment of self, and with every fulfillment comes happiness.
He believes that there are positive and negative qualities in every human being, and it is up to each and every one of us, which of them we are using in life.
The vast majority of people he has known (including himself) wear a mask. They seem to be complicated because they hide it perfectly (sometimes they don't even know about it), what's really in them. "I have successfully removed my mask today, August 20, 2006." He've said this so many times, and every day life surprises him with something new. "Today, August 22, 2006, I understood everything I could understand." "And today, August 23, 2006, it's not true anymore." Do you understand what he's saying? A man must fight all his life against the dark side of power ;) Obi Van Kenobi or Master Yoda would have told you about how long they had been hollering at young Luke Skywalker so that he would finally stop doing stupid things and grow up.
You're all bumblebees, only he's a propeller, a motor, a crop duster;) Bzuuum.
Whoever is blameless, throw a rock at him. Ouch, I didn't say to the forehead, one of the two most important places on his body ;) Well, guess what other "organ" he'd never want to lose? ;)
He always fought against social rules, conventions and customs, but there's no reason for that anymore. Perhaps he realized they might have some significance, under certain conditions. Just he does not dare to specify it yet. It needs proper analysis, therefore ;)
He set fashion trends. A few years ago, he wore ragged and dirty jeans. Everyone looked at him like he was crazy. Everyone was looked at him as like he was crazy, but look at today's fashion. Now they're all looking like that they don't see the problem :) People will also pay for a lot of money to make it look like they came from a quarry ;) Now he's trying to understand the meaning (algorithm) of taste and how to dress nicely so that he does not look disgusting, or even the opposite = to look decent.
He does various sociological and psychological researches for private purposes (journeys into the human soul and mind). He does it in public :) He tries to understand the thinking of a human (and therefore also thinking of woman). You think he's fighting the windmills? Choir yells YES! ;)
Like any human, he's an analyst. The moment he realized his potential, he decided to become a psychoanalyst. He's trying to see into people and things and let's just say he's doing pretty well. He sees a lot of things, a lot of positive things, but also lot of negatives. He looks for patterns, similarities and patterns of behavior. He searches, he studies, he watches. Sometimes he merges and sometimes he divides. Sometimes he asks and sometimes he answers. He looks for a connections, and sometimes he goes crazy when he finds something special. And then he usually must breath deeply to process it.
He tried to keep a cold head and a neutral attitude. I mean, except for the time he was in love, and he was floating around, and he was losing track of reality, but he'd already removed that. Unfortunately, today, August 21, 2006, he realized that all of this was self-delusion. But that's not the point. The point is, he doesn't even want to remove it, because it is not bad if you float when you're feeling good. What one is supposed to do if he's sick? Bury himself underground ;) so that he would not influence others and pass on his anger to the innocent:)
He likes people that thinks objectively, who have overview on the situation, who can judge situations from long perspective. It is a superhuman task, and mostly it is impossible, because every human being and his vision and understanding of the world is affected by his consciousness, his subconscious, his unconsciousness, his knowledge, his faith and whatever else. Well, but one can try, can't he? He would give nothing for a test :)
He is convinced that he has benefited greatly from all the negative things that have happened to him in his life. Not because he is something like selfdamager ;) But because if one wants, has the taste, the strength, or the will to think, he may from such negative experiences gain very much. And if one learns to draw on them, one becomes more resistent, and this makes one's problems easier to overcome in the future, while developing and growing as a person. On the third page. If you were only happy (if you were only in the positive sector) you might not even know you were in it. If he didn't know the shadow side of life, could he enjoy those bright moments? And who knows, such a drab life might be too dull. Life is a struggle and it is said: What doesn't "kill you" makes you stronger (if you want to, of course) and that's what the poet meant by that ;)
He knows a person who says he has no luck for a luck. This life paradox is good for thinking.
In his youth, he suffered from cleptomania, but after a professional and almost non-violent intervention of his parents, it was corrected. It's a good thing there wasn't a helpline back then. He could have been an orphan ;) But now, after some time, he's grateful to them. Thank you, thank you, thank you, the director, the curator, the screenwriter, the actors, the entire staff and, of course, the spectators ;)
According to the latest findings, he is a perfectionist that suffers from a condition called procrastination, and they tend to call him also a workaholic. Well, he realized that nothing needs to be overdone, and life isn't just about work. Work is supposed to fill us up, to entertain us and of course, it should be a way of helping us to survive and to enjoy something.
He is a proponent of the theory of organized chaos and was a great proponent of the Murphys' laws. He proved their validity at every turn. But he had already abandoned his reverence for Murphy. He was definitely a joker and a stalker. Almost everything has a logic, and there may be something beyond that, above us, below us, beside us and inside us.
He plans to create and later publish a poetic collection of #Romantics with Life. In the future, he would also like to work on a book about his experiences, his visions of the world and the immortality of the bug ;) Finally (perhaps) he found in himself the ability to find the right words to express what he wanted to say in a way that the others would understand. Well, or maybe not ;) The whole thing could end up in a fiasco. There are always at least 2 options ;) Trtuth is, he hated poems from the bottom of his heart. He always suffered when he had to write a reflection or a school paper in school. A man just develops at any moment, assuming he wants to. The environment that tries to force a change in a person's personality in a violent way (verbal or non-verbal) usually fails because everyone has a his own head. He even thinks it might have the opposite effect. The environment can make a maximum contribution to awareness and self-reflection, but the will for change must come from himself ;) Even so, the greatest reach that man has is on himself. So you don't want the world to change. First of all, try to change yourself. On the one hand, the world will change (the way you see it), and on the other, you will see a way to help others ;)
He holds people in high esteem if he finds in them a shred of intelligence and common sense. If there's even a logical thinking, he is in some kind of nirvana. And also, do you know this one? The optimist believes it will be all right, the pessimist fears it might be true. And also: The pessimist sees the darkness in the tunnel, the optimist sees the light at the end of the tunnel, the realist sees already the train and the train driver sees three morons on the tracks ;)
In past he looked for all the bad qualities that were in him, that he somehow hated. He was trying to do something about it. Because he assumed it is important. But it's not so easy as it looks. And even he has at least a million mistakes (of which he knows, of which he does not know are much more) and has decided to become a better person, he now knows that he will never succeed. But also trying is appreciated, isn't it? He's got the rest of his life achieve it. And if he will be successfull in a change even only one negative attribute of himself, he would be very happy, because it would be something, that he envisioned long time ago ;)
Sometimes people thought of him as an optimist-extremist. He was the one who saw the cup as half full rather than half empty, because optimism not only helped him, but also affected his surroundings and perhaps inscrutable but, to him, shaped and influenced them. He believes that everyone want to see bright tomorrows. We humans tend to want the good things, even we are saying and doing the opposite of what we think or want. Well, it's true. Laws are laws. But the laws are here to be broken, aren't they? ;) We should therefore make every effort in life to learn how to be happy, how to show joy, how to show love, how to throw away excessive worries and other useful things. That's what we're here for. Or?
Maybe (but highly unlikely ;) one day he'll become a itinerant preacher and will show people the right way, it means his way. I don't think he attracts anyone, but at least people will laugh on him ;) But you know, after laugh, there is crying, so after the time, people get the point and the coins for merits will fall from heaven ;) He is looking forward to feed on "herbs", "roots", "berries" and "mushrooms", or other "forest fruits" ;)
He believes that youth is the bringer of mornings, and therefore needs to be shaped from a very small point in time so they do not go wild as you can see at every step. I mean, look what's grown out of him ;)
If you look at any headline in newspapers, television news, radio news, or just people talking, any information you receive, you will find a certain similarity (pattern) that is repeated over and over and over again. He thinks it's negativity. Don't you think we have enough? And we're really supposed to believe that people want this kind of negative news? That the good news would be taken out of the audience? Well, he and I don't really get it.
The basic understanding of many of the problems in any discussion is the problem of the individual view of each of us on the issue of discussion. Each man has his own unique path that led him to this moment in time. This includes his experiences, knowledge, prejudices, etc. From which emerges what he is able to see, understand and believe. The point is, if a man is not willing to expand his horizons and he can see and promote only what he wants to see, that's a pretty big problem. One, first of all ,should be opened to new ideas, to the views of other people. Not because he take those views for his own, but to consider them, think about them, to adjust the big picrture. If you throw someone a piece of a puzzle that just doesn't fit into their big picture, they'll fight it with their fingernails. There are people who are so infinitely able to defend their fortress that they build water trenches and catapults and use all kinds of weapons just to keep their posture and their view and their castle from collapsing. But that's only natural, no one wants anyone to interfer with his world. To destroy it, to damage his value system and what is his world was based on. This works for each and every one of us. That's why it's hard to explain to someone who hasn't walked your way (and there isn't another one, just you) what you've found out along the way. Even if it's the most exciting experience or knowledge you can imagine. But they say there's no such thing as failure :) Only insufficient effort :) So what about that? Are we trying too little? :)
His Father and his Mother told him many things. The funny thing is, they kept repeating them until they were put in his head, and now, where he goes, he repeats them. The apple just didn't fall far away from the tree. Illustration: He who disobeys his father, his mother, will fall into ruin ;)
Imagine how terrible it is to lose a loved one. He lost two in one night. He never saw the first one in his life and he'll never see him again. He never knew him, and he won't get the chance. He knew the other one better, but for some reason, he wasn't the only one, the right one and forever. Trust me, it shaked him pretty strongly. He said some unpretty words to God. He highlighted his misplaced sense of humor and irony. I know he was wrong about that, but when you are pissed off, it's always the innocent who will suffer. He cried and moaned. He wore black suit for three days to pay his respects to those special people. To express his feelings, disapproval, even anger, of such a procedure. He's just a sensitive soul ;) Well, whatever. Life goes on and on, even if tractors will fall from the sky;)
When you're not doing well, when thins go to hell, sit on the roadside and the problems will hide ;)
AT LAST BUT NOT LEAST: I think it's important to take out your housekeeper's trash once in a while;)

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