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welcome at dzI/O's personal homepage...

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dzI/O plays a game with you. And this game has a rules. Here you can find out more informations about those rules...

Rule 1

View from top and view from bottom
If you want to play the game, then game has some rules ;) I will tell you about first one - just to make you curious Heheh ;) It is the David star ;) There is big symbolic in it, so for now just one curiosity ;) If it should work, then we need primarily 2 views ;) One is the view from top - the blue one - that should be your task ;) Second view is the view from bottom - the red one - that would be my task ;) Ideal state is, when we both are in space where those two triangles intersects ;) But sometimes we would run in extremes - those are the toes - there we do not meet in our views ;) But understand, your view has a priority over mine = you have last word ;) Because you are on top and i am at bottom ;) That’s because your view overlies mine ;) What do you say about that? ;)

Rule 2

Operating space
As i already mentioned, we should be moving in space where our views meets ;) I have colored this area by white color - that is the space of peace ;) Extrems - and there our views remain in conflict ;) If we are moving into extreme areas, it doesn’t mean a problem ;) Just, that we need for some “time”, something important move ;) Those two triangles, should progressivelly get bigger and so we should make our operating space bigger ;) By those exits to extremes operating space gets bigger ;) Growth is important ;) Also we would sometimes stagnate and sometimes we will make operating space smaller ;) But in final we should go ahead ;)

Rule 3

Task entry and goal
Third rule is task entry and also a final goal, which we want to achieve ;) You have for sure already seen it by me ;) The goal is to achieve harmony state ;) One of the attractor in the picture is WISDOM - blue one ;) Another attractor in the picture is LOVE - red one ;) And in ideal condition we want to achieve a compromise, where both of the attractors will be in harmony ;) So ALFA (task entry) and also OMEGA (goal) is rule no. 3 ;)

Rule 4

Importance of informations
Data are for us most important ;) And that’s why we can not rely on some external tools like jira, slack and others ;) Everything what will happen from now must be stored internally and must be safely protected ;) We must have full control about those data ;) That’s because we need to create new internal information system ;) Informations are most valuable ;) We want this tool adopt the process, not the situation that process will adopt the tool ;)

Rule 5

Hitting the center
Sometimes it happens. I hit the center of two triangles - then i am stopped and mostly i need something to think of something or decide what to do next ;) Then i am able to do practically nothing, what you want from me ;) In that moment i am doing an internal dialog and i must solve essential questions that emerged ;) I am trying to get out of the center but it can not be done easilly ;) Just understand, that sometimes i can not give you 100 or 90 percent output ;) Sometimes i must from your point of view stand ;) I am waiting for some concrete event or answer, which is important for the future of everything ;) Then the rule is - SLOWER IS BETTER, THAN REGRET is applied ;)

Rule 6

ME between attractors ;)
If I let push those attractors, i form my ME, which is in the middle ;) I form my SPIRIT (WHO IS ME) and my SOUL (HOW IS ME) ;)
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