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Why he created this world? ;)

thought about creation...

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I think, this is the basic question, that may show us the meaning of life ;)

Because when we discover His intention, then we find out the secret of meaning ;)

I hope only that the answer will not be: BECAUSE HE WAS BORED ;)
Let's asume, that people gave the life many meanings, everyone individually by himself ;)
There are maybe more meanings then creator firstly thought ;)

Because users found many usages of this world ;)
So, this is place where you may realise ;)

If you have a goal, you may go for it ;)
Let's asume this is a playground, where you may play ;)

There are many kind of games and everyone likes something else ;)
If I may choose, definitely it will be some creative game ;)

Game where I may create something ;)

For example a new world ;)

And now we are coming to previous question ;)

Why I would do something like that ;)
At first place I will like to show, that I am able to do that ;)
I will consider it as a challenge ;)

Something like a biggest creation of programmer ;)
My steps will be as follows: I'll take all knowledge that we have about this world and try to get as close as possible to original ;)
But also it will be created as most opened as possible, in order to allow other creators to create own intensions about perfect world ;)
But we have not encountered the meaning yet ;)

What is the connection between CREATOR and the CREATION? ;)
I may say about me, that everything that i've created I consider as my "children" ;)

I take care of my creations, I enlarge them and especially I use them every day ;)
I want that my creations are used in purpose that they were created ;)

If I create new world, I want that the population of this world will discover the environment and fully use potential, which the world will provide ;)
And who knows, maybe I will give them a quest ;)

To find the reason, why the HELL I have created the world ;)

I believe, that they will find a million of reasons, and I then will know, that it was meaningfull ;)
The meaning of life will then be SEARCHING FOR MEANING OF LIFE ;)
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