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creation of life...

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First goal, which i want to reach is creation of life...
Game life is two-state, two-dimension automat, which reminds by his behavior development of community of live organisms...
It plays in matrix of cells, which states determines look of game in next step...
User sets the starting configuration and then the game runs automatically by defined rules...
Time in game is discrete, at every step it increase by one...
Game of life is example of system, where simple rules creates complex behavior...
Rules of game:
1. Every live cell with less than two live neighbours will die.

2. Every live cell with two or three live neighbours stay alive.

3. Every live cell with more than three live neighbours will die.

4. Every dead cell with three live neighbours will come to life.
Game of life is inspired from our life...

Only difference is that in real life are the rules more complex...

But principle is the same ;)
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