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Episode 1 - Action and reaction
Stefan was returning home tired after a day's shift at the tyre factory. He was startled by an open door on his apartment and at that moment he began to feel an unpleasant sensation that maximized its effect in his abdominal area. When he went in, he almost fell off his feet. He could not believe his own eyes. A man - a murderer - was bent over the lifeless body of his son. There was blood all around. The murderer was also
covered in blood, holding a knife - the murder weapon. In the corner of the room two more of Stefan's frightened children were huddled together, crying. A scene straight out of a horror movie...
What will Stephen do? What would you do?
As soon as he recovered from the frightening scene after a few moments, the only option he could think of was the one he obviously had. Rage entered him, and he was completely overcome by amusement. Adrenaline began to build up in his blood. Everything around him began to fade away. All he could see was his dead son and his murderer. The killer. That son of a bitch. Ignoring the potential danger inherent in the armed man standing in front of him he decided in a hundredth of a second - I'm going to kill this man. He held court and was about to take justice into his own hands. He became judge and executioner in
one person...
Episode 2 – Faith
Stephen, in all his fury, was about to lash out at the man who had robbed him of a loved one. To leap out,
arms outstretched, determined to take revenge on the throat of the criminal who stood before him. To
suffocate... Choke... To rob the killer of the ability to breathe was his only desire, the only thing on his
mind. He saw nothing else. Nothing else he wanted. Only revenge. An eye for an eye...

"Wait man..." - The man-killer tried to get out of himself at speed.
"I know what it looks like, but... Don't rush... I was just passing by your apartment, the door was
ajar and strange voices and wailing could be heard coming from the apartment. So I went in. I saw a man stabbed to death on the floor, so I tried to save him. I gave him first aid, tried to stop the bleeding but it was too late..."

Stephen paused...

Is that possible? Is the man telling the truth? I could have killed an innocent man... I could have taken it out on someone who was trying to help my son. But when everything looked so clear at first glance. A killer with a knife in his hand. Stefan's son's blood everywhere...
Where is the truth? Who would believe the man's version? It is a man's word against all the evidence that testifies against him. How would his word stand up in a real court of law with all that evidence?
There are two out of four options to consider before making a decision:

1. The murderer is telling the truth, but we don't believe him and we carry out the trial...

2. The murderer lies but we believe him and let him go...
Stephen looked at his 2 crying children, who could hardly nod their heads to confirm the murderer's
Episode 3 - The Final Proof
At that moment it occurred to Stephen: The camera. Yes, the camera...
He had it installed after they'd been robbed a couple of times...
I have to see that footage. I have to find out what happened here...
Almost without thinking, he walked over to the hidden panel, opened it, pulled out the tape, and aimed it
at the home video while leaving the others in the room with the dead son.

In cold blood, he slid the tape into the video player, rewound it far enough, and pressed the play button...
What he saw on the screen almost made him vomit up his lunch.
He saw murder - cold-blooded, heartless murder.
So much hatred, so much crying, so much blood.
He saw his children in the midst of that horrific scene and the man who had caused it all.
The man who played the lead role in that horrific scene.
The murderer who stabbed and slashed without apparent emotion or remorse.
A man - a murderer - who only minutes before had claimed his innocence in this situation.
The man who forced two other children to testify to his words under threat of death.
Him, whom Stephen believed to be innocent.
Now there is no doubt. At that point, Stephen didn't need anything else.
The blood inside him was boiling.
He ran out of the room and completed his initial plan.
Two bodies lay on the floor.
Episode 4 - Measure of Responsibility
Stephen was sitting on the floor, wrapping his arms around his dead son.
He wasn't crying, you couldn't call it crying - he was wailing, screaming, despairing.
He looked around.
He saw the body of the man - the murderer who had caused all this.
He hated him. He despised him. He would have liked to kill him a thousand more times.
He felt pain but also a kind of relief.
For justice had been served.
An eye for an eye...
It was confirmed again...
This universal rule works perfectly.

Especially in moments when one is under pressure.
In situations when one acts impulsively, without thinking, even instinctively.
Then this rule is applied almost intuitively.
However, the fact that Stephen decided as he did left many unanswered questions...
Did the killer of Stephen's son deserve to die? Did only he deserve to die or did someone else deserve to die as well?

1. What if the killer was a hired assassin? What would happen to the person who ordered the murder? Who has what level of responsibility for this murder?

2. What if the murderer was a soldier who was ONLY following orders? Then what level of
responsibility does the person who gave the order, or the President - Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces – have?

3. What degree of responsibility would a person have - a madman who does not know what he is
doing at certain moments, who is out of it at that moment, and the supervising physician who
allowed such a person to escape from the institution?

4. What responsibility would a man "possessed by the devil" have? A man who does not act of his own volition? Whose actions are directed by some dark force?

5. How would you treat a man-eater who hadn't eaten anything for 2 months and just needed
something to eat? To an ogre who didn't realize he had done something wrong?
Stephen will never know some things.
He will never know why his son had to die. And it will torment him incredibly, for the (short) rest of his
Episode 5 – Why
... did it have to happen?
Why wasn't I home earlier?
Why couldn't I have prevented it?
Why did God let this happen?
Why... why... why... why...
A million Stephen whys and no answers...


The killer was sitting on the sofa, staring into space.
He decided.
I'll do it.
There's no other way.
I'll kill him.
In cold blood and without mercy.
He took a knife from the kitchen counter and tucked it into his belt.
He ran out into the street and boarded the bus that would take him to the spot where he was going to carry
out the premeditated murder.
He didn't think, just stared darkly into space.
He was as empty as only a man can be.
The emptiness enveloped him all over.
The emptiness caused by a bitter moment in his life.
A moment in which he lost a loved one.
His son - the only son he loved above all else.
The one who caused this must die
I'll kill him - that son of a bitch.
I'll come and cut him up like a chicken.
An eye for an eye...

Stephen's son must die.
Episode 6 - The Circle Closes
In life there are many questions and few answers...


A basic question that can reveal many...
...if one were to deal with this question before coming to a certain conclusion, a certain decision, a certain action...

Why did Stephen's son have to die...
Why the murderer...
And why the murderer's son...

Why did Stephen's son actually kill the murderer's son?
Was it murder?
An accident?
It was an accident.
Car accident?
What happened? Was Stephen's son intoxicated after coming home late from a party?
He was drunk? No. He was completely sober.
He didn't see him because he was lying in the road drunk and ran him over?
No, he didn't.
The car became uncontrollable and Stephen's son lost control of it?
Did he get a flat tire? Was it caused by the glass from the bottle that Demeter broke last night?
Was it a technical defect in the tyre?
Was it already heavily worn and unfit for service? Is Stefan's son responsible
No. The tyres were new. They were changed just before the accident.
So is a defective tyre responsible for the accident? A material defect? A problem in the manufacturing
Is the factory manager responsible? The machine that made it? The output inspector?
Stephen was at the tyre factory about to check the last tyre before the end of his shift. But then his phone rang. He left everything as it was. It was his son calling. He wanted to show off - he had bought an older used car. He wanted to test drive it, and he wanted to give his father, who had helped him considerably financially to buy it, a ride in it. Stephen went to the manager after he hung up the phone. He arranged a holiday...

The last tyre was left in the machine for testing. There it lay, quietly awaiting its fate...


the killer's son, killed in a car crash...
Stephen's son, killed by the killer...
the murderer, killed by Stephen...

and the story at the beginning of which Stephen stood...


So who is responsible for the death of four people?

Yes, four...

Stephen had to die too... Because the killer had a father... A father who lost his son...
who followed exactly the same formula...
according to the exact formula...
An eye for an eye...
Epiloque - The Conclusion?
Let everyone draw their own conclusions...

A few guidelines...

1. It is difficult, if not impossible, to judge fairly unless we know all the facts...
(and who knows them all? really all? who is omniscient?)

2. The degree of responsibility is important...
(as the one being judged need not always be fully responsible)

3. The depth of the examined is important...
(and wouldn't we get to the primordial beginning of existence after examining the facts as thoroughly as possible? Who would dare to accuse such a creator, for example?
after all, if he hadn't created us, or if there hadn't been a big-bang, none of what happened would have happened)

4. The personal attitude of those involved and the human factor plays a role in any judgment
(especially if the case personally affects the person who is judging, not to mention that justice may be blind but it cannot be perfectly represented by man no matter how hard he tries)

5. The motives are interesting to say the least...
(if Stephen kills the murderer because he killed his son
= if the murderer kills Stephen's son because he killed his son
= if the murderer's father kills Stephen because he killed his son)

and most importantly:

is definitely the road to ruin...


and if we keep following this rule, there will always be some father whose son we have killed...

if only one Father would break the cycle...
and I really have no idea what we would do without Him...
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