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do you want to know how dzI/O looks like, what he likes to do and what is important to him?

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on the beach activists of greenpeace pushes him back to sea, because they thinks that he's washed whale ;) it's not so critical ;) he don't need a crane ;) water level falls ;) sometimes he tried to move and burn overweight ;) instead of abdomen he has a a soft pillow ;) next year he wants to try a course of abdominal dancers ;) then there will be fun to lie on it ;) he will upgrade it to massage pillow ;) otherwise possibly normal = primate from race of homo homo sapiens (although i'm not sure about the second homo), with male gender with everything that belongs to that ;)
Eyes color
brown, when he gets photo of him, then red ;) he wants to obtain such a len, which he put on right eye and yellow smiley will be on it ;) on left eye he will put a clip and his dream look will be perfect ;) he has "x-ray" vision and look that kills, if someone wakes him up in a work too soon ;) sometimes he has spark in his eyes but you don't want to see it because there is possibility of fire ;)
perfect, working with computer makes it better and better ;) really - when he was small, he wore glasses ;) now he don't need it (such dzI/Opter was already not created) he can see 3d pictures ;) if he do so too much, he looks like chinese ;) his newest goal is to have the eyesight of lynx ;) because there is nothing bad when you see sharp and not dimly ;)
Color of hair
brown, mostly, all 7 of them ;) but soon also they will fall out ;) he does not need hair ;) he pull out feathers already ;) gray hairs are increases and he don't know how to explain this ;) he does nothing to them and they do so on him ;)
Corrugation and other hair enhancements
short to oblong, at the moment terribly unadulterated and strapped;) did you see advertising on a welle? ;) what monkeys do at night? ;) suitable as a scarecrow in the field;)
so a little bit;) sometimes a bit more;) but what, at least he will not thump in the chest;) will he kill when he tastes? ;) And the worms need to be stuffed;) which would not give them a proper guest;) he evaluates this by drinking a lot of milk and having strong and heavy bones, so its weight is so good;)
Sports that he actively devote or devoted to
hiking, skiing, roller skating, bedminton, swimming;) means himself as a passive athlete ;) one of the few active sports he ever operated was the roller skating on the dam ;) sometimes it was also constantly running up the stairs on the 5th floor in the house where there was not lever ;) but sometimes even 4 times a day; believe me, his tongue was trodden down to the ground;) later even moved to the profi-league ;) he started to take the stairs after two ;) the newest sport that he's all about is "Ping-pong " ;) it's interesting to play ping-pong alone so that you run into the other side of the table before the ball fired by you from the first one ;)
The sports he's watching
hockey, tennis, car-moto sports;) but only a few times;) if he does not get the correct button on the remote controller;) and of course Slovakiaaaaaaaa, hey, heja, hey go for it;) for the greatest sporting experience of his life he considers hockey World championship 2004 In Ostrava, where our gunmen dug Danne 8: 0 and where he was so upset that he lost his voice for a week;)
Movies that he likes
action, alternative, horror, comedy, romantic, serials, documentary, mysterious, science fiction, fantasy, historical, erotic, drama;) is not such a film that he would not like to miss;) he loves to see 5th element with czech dabingo (time is not important, only life is important;) can laugh at the good comedy;) shrek is da best;) movies are supposed to be with the original subtitles;) the only dubbed films that pay to see are also those with a Polish dabing, where one person (in each movie the same) with his monotonous voice reflects the whole movie;) try to look at some action or erotic;) watch for the sledge -> will hurt;)
He likes to watch a good movie
in the cinema, at home - TV, at a friend, girlfriend, on a computer ;) he is not a cinema propagator, but it does not replace the enjoyment of the artwork in the cinema, with the quality sound, the set of popcorn (recommended dose = 5 liters per performance = American style ;) and a big picture where you have to swing your head from left to right until you broke your neck ;)
Books he likes
fairy tales, fun, games, humor, religious literature, philosophical literature, personality development, professional literature;) put him book in the hand and he tries to read it;) sometimes it does so until the fifth attempt (as the Lord of the Rings) the effort is worth;) there's not enough time momentary for the books;) i know, I know = excuses;)
Music he likes
disco, hitparadows, house, techno, rap, pop, classical rock, oldies, soundtracks, musicals, punk, soldiers, classical music, folk and country folklore, folk and country, alternative music; ;) and sometimes composes a super powerful hit, it just no one wants to listen = infidel;) latest was found in soft melodies;) are also soothing :) try to use them as medicine helps him;)
He goes to concerts
rock bands;) I think it was once and at least once will definitely go;) it was even on the feste, and immediately 2x;) better was the one at Domaša, because at Domaša is best, at Domaša is well;)
The best relax is, when he listen to music
whenever and wherever, constantly and all the time
What he's looking in people
in people he's looking mostly for humanity, he's looking for Human ;) he's looking for love and wisdom ;) tolerance and understanding ;) sensitivity and deliberation ;) ability to listen ;) ability to admit own mistakes and ability to admit the right of other human to make a mistakes ;) ability to listen, think about and consider or accept other opinion or critics and mostly the ability to forgive ;) which he thinks is the best manifestation of humanity ;) he's also looking for people, whom he can give something from him ;) for example shirt ;) trousers ;) underwear ;) smelly socks ;) etc. ;)
Love is for Him
life without love is just farce ;)
Relation to one night sex
moment sex? ;) ahh, he starts to realise what it is ;) it's related to stomach system or breath system ;) if he remembers well ;) the truth is that he almost failed the exams from biology ;) he never looked for the one night sex ;) once his good friend told him : there can not be sex without love and also love without sex ;) and that's how it should be ;)
His life partner should be
basic condition, that his life partner must fullfill is, that he must love her with all the mind, soul, body and hearth ;) also his partner should have such a condition on him ;)
Vision of perfect evening
peacefull evening on hills fall on gray fields ;) cool evening is when he is in good mood and don't matter what or where ;) ideally when smoothly forms from cool day, when the sun is set ;) there are almost no cool mornings, because he must violently get out of paralel dimensions, which he likes so much until the alarm is sounding ;) mostly he gives him some tries until he accept it ;) then there was a time, when he tries to get up before sun rise and but those times was not very long ;)
Favourite color
blue is good, also green, yellow, red, purple, orange, brown, black, white, pink and all others that are not metioned ;)
Zodiac sign
bull (21.4.-20.5.), april maddness ;)
he's catholic ;) officially ;) but from all something ;) such as budhistic-hinduistic-christian follower of islam ;) and atheism he likes also ;) he relies mostly on himself and does as in sentense: Help yourself man, and God will also help you ;) he believe that there is some kind of higher power, which can influence the things in this or other timespaces, but on other side, why shoud it do it ;) he visualise Him as old man with stick and dyme of peace ;) this theme is too big to define in few words ;) btw. last time the jews whitness knocked on his door ;) they said if we can talk ;) so i asked them, how many of you are there ;) they said 2 ;) so i replied : then talk ;)
He likes the specialities of kitchen
slovak, italian, chinese, mexican, sea gifts, vegetarian ;) almost all ;) there is one food, that he can not eat and that is rested liver ;) he fight with this from child, but he can not win ;) so some fights he lost, but war is not over ;)
He likes to eat
by the television, by the candles with parner, in good restaurant, in nature, in bed, from parnets stomach ;) hmm, when i think of it - anywhere ;) btw what are those expressions that we eat just to be alive ;) long are we not dependent on mamuts and forest fruits ;) be aware of it ;)
Absolved education
higher ;) he thanks to all, that he bothered for all those 17 years of study ;) it was hard way ;) mostly for them ;) forgive ;) he will never do it ;) he can't stand the rote ;)
analytic, programmer-specialist ;) there was time when he had bussiness of his own ;) but only when he wanted to ;) for example last year he didn't wanted to ;)
He works in sphere
information technologies
He speaks the languages
when he don't count his tongue, there are some programming lanugages ;) he will not count them, don't be mad on him ;) little bit czechian, little bit english, little bit german ;) he also learned russian language but it was catastrophe ;)
Relation to smoking
all life he active fought against smokers and smoking ;) and then it came ;) life has pressed on him and he submitted ;) every day he tries to stop it and believe that it can be done ;) EUREKA it worked ;) he got rid of dependence ;) now he smokes because he want to ;)
Relation to alcohol
he drinks only sometimes ;) it is not possible because he is driver ;) he's not dependent on alcohol ;) it's not funny to drink when it tastes you ;) after few negative experiences with alcohol he found out that he will never like it ;) he read that when man permanently consumes small amounts of alcohol, he can decrease the chance of hearth attack ;)
Relation to drugs
never, have you lost your mind? ;) do you think that after all you have read here, he can afford to take drugs? ;) but good friends allways ask him from what is he high ;)
Momentaly family state
divorced ;)
if he don't count him, there is one cool little daughter ;)
Home animals
he has spiders, moths, mosquitos and other home insects ;) he also has a bird ;) in his parent's house there was a dog Cynthia ;) brother that is riding with him on white horse and also a milion bees ;) bees loves him ;) but he's not loving them ;) most time they dies in horrible agony after they sting him ;)
photography, travelling, working with pc, reading, listening to music, watching movies, collecting things, cinema, friends, dreaming, theatre ;) his work is best hobby for him ;) he likes to do many thing ;) and can do almost everything ;) at least once ;) he didn't absolved bungee jumping and parachuting ;) he knows very much about physics :) the momentum of the body is directly proportional to its weight and the force vector determines the instantaneous acceleration over time ;) so only thing that can be from it is catastrophe ;) he liked to sit in car and had a ride on coutry side ;)
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