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About WORD, that became a BODY

my explanation of that sentense...

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It is written, that on beginning (when a thought about our reality emerged) was WORD and this WORD was GOD and this WORD was within GOD (creator) ;)

And then as we known, the creator had created our reality ;)

WORD should have the meaning (content) ;)

And we know, that every WORD is defined in dictionary by other WORDS ;)

By some miracle we can then imagine something for this WORD ;)

We understand this WORD and we understand thoughts that are composed from those WORDS ;)

If the WORD was on beginning within the CREATOR and then the BODY became, then i think that the definition of this WORD must be complex ;)

Literally it must be some specification, that allowed to SPIRIT OF JESUS to fully realise in our reality ;)

From the perspective of programmer i think, that the WORD must be a complex information about HUMAN, who later lived with us ;)

Also i want to tell you that, such a specification we call as CLASS ;)

CLASS specifies HOW is the OBJECT and WHAT activities it makes ;)

That's why everyone who is interestes in GOD'S affairs should start to learn about OBJECT PROGRAMMING if he didn't done it yet ;)
I hope that you realised why Jesus can't say this all to his disciples ;)

Because then his disciples didn't know about OBJECT PROGRAMMING ;)

And said, that he could many tell them but they wouldn't accept it ;)

And must come a techaer who will explain everything ;)

Because people in that age weren't prepared for everything that is associated to GOD ;)

Event some terms didn't exist in that age that are needed for understanding of everything ;)

And that's because the world had evolved and the right time had came ;)

Information age must came to make it sense ;)

That's because i tell YOU ;)

Don't read only BIBLE ;)

You need many knowledge form many science discipline to understand GOD'S AFFAIRS

Get to know the WORLD and the knowledge that is spread in it ;)

You need at LEAST general overview ;)

Because there is a meaning WHY creator has given this knowledge into this WORLD ;)
And now about dispute if JESUS is GOD or NOT ;)

I think, that creator when he has defined the WORD GOD, has spoken about he knows about HIM ;)

I assume, that creater perfectly knowed himself and that's because he can described HIMSELF ;)

And if the WORD, which describes creator became a body, we can say, that the creator had entered our reality ;)

Then it becomes a perfect sense when we say that JESUS and HIS FATHER are something like SAME ;)
If you came here, you can decide what's next...
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