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Professional and business communication

Mastering communication is a long-term process.

In our native language, we often question the correctness of what we want to write or say. In a foreign language, doubts take on more dimensions. To reduce such doubts about accuracy, we work intensively for you on this site.

This site is intended for our partners, individual students and the general public. We believe that you will find help and support for your language learning here, and that we will diversify and facilitate your long-term journey to learning the language.


Vocabulary is the cornerstone of mastering communication.

Vocabulary includes individual words, multi-word combinations - expressions, phrases, which may have a complex character but established usage. An important part is the Professional Terminology for specific fields of human activity.

It is good to build vocabulary independently, but it is more important to use it in sentence units, so that the ability to use it in real life is also guaranteed.



Corporate terminological database

Consistent terminology creates an image of professionalism.

In the field of Vocabulary - Terminology, it is important to manage and maintain specific company terminology in the professional areas of the subject of business.

Such a Terminology database is preferably used for the creation of documentation, manuals, instructions, internal communication and of course for translations and interpretations, e-learning in a company or community.


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