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about Lipka :

Why Lipka (lime) ?
Because formerly many of us have met under the lime to discuss ;)
And that' why LIPKA (lime) ;)
How was Lipka created ?
Formerly I was discussing on discussion forum ;)
But things went wrong ;)
There was too many ads and forum had technical problems ;)
I've decided to create a new one ;)
Keeping the best from the original forum and adding new interesting features ;)
That's how Lipka was created ;)
And also ;)
It was written that "NEW JERUSALEM" will come, and it happend - as promissed ;)
What rules there are ?
I AM the owner and only boss ;)
If I don't like, what are you doing here, I will persecute you ;)
I define rules, as I like in every moment ;)
If you don't accept this, find yourself some other place, where they will tolerate your rage ;)
Hard totality rules here ;)
And don't forget : As you call in the forest, you will alone in the hole fall ;)
If Lipka is too light for you, than try out tougher version : Žumpa ;)
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