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dzI/O presents unicate information systems, based on framework Univerozum...
Framework Univerozum :
- is framework for rapid development of android and web applications

- is also document oriented information framework

- it can be used to create evidence applications

- document oriented applications consists of views on documents and forms that can be used for showing documents

- it's a mobile (android) solution programmed in Java and also web solution programmed in PHP

- it allows to create many instances of application, where instance presents separated space, where informations are stored and those instances can be shared between users

- it is capable of data synchronisation between all devices of user with help of replication process of data, thanks to server id domain dzio.sk
And now, list of applications :
dzI/O's treasury box
Thoughts that came out of dzI/O...

- all you ever didn't want to know about dzI/O and has fear to ask him
- web version of dzI/O's personal documentation :
- android version of dzI/O's personal documentation :
Application Univerozum
- consists of few modules:
Evidences of personal informations...

- personal profile and CV
- attendance
- contacts
- passwords
- bookmarks
Calendar events evidences...

- calendar
- day report
- vacations
- birthdays
- events
- notes
- namedays
- holidays
- red letter days
Evidences of personal financial informations...

- account states
- future plans of accounts
- budget
- expenses
- wage decrees
- wages
- parameters for wage computation
Personal documentation...

- tree oriented evidence of structured informations
Work informations evidence...

- customers
- projects
- tasks
- works
- web version of Univerozum application :
- android version of Univerozum application :