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Chicken or egg?

just a simple algorithm...

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An algorithm that, in part, offers a solution to this seemingly intractable question.
As an analyst-programmer I have to believe that every problem (task, problem) is solvable = describable.
Solving a problem, consists in describing the steps leading to a desired (desired) result, given the input conditions. The sequence of such steps is called by those familiar with the problem the crazy word algorithm. The procedure for determining an algorithm can be applied to any task, so it does not have to concern only such a highly specific activity as the creation of software for the IT industry.
Task assignment:
Answer the question, which came first: the chicken or the egg?
Unknown - our (but basically every) algorithm must try to cover all conceivable possibilities that can
(could) occur.
Output conditions:
The answer to the given question must be supported by logical reasoning.
[ start of algorithm ]
Am I a creationist?
Answer: Chicken

Reason: Since I believe that everything was created by God, therefore the universe, the earth, man and animals were created by God, therefore the chicken was created by God. Therefore, the chicken was before an egg.

[ end of algorithm ]
Am I an evolutionist?
Answer: Egg

Rationale: Since I believe in evolution, I have to assume a point in history when the animal in question was not yet a chicken, but the next generation is already considered a chicken. The beginning of a new generation is characterized by an egg.

[ end of algorithm ]
I believe we live in a matrix?
Answer: Question has no mening

Rationale: Since we live in a matrix, none of what we see really exists. We don't even exist, everything is just virtual reality. Therefore, there is no chicken or egg and the question is meaningless.

[ end of algorithm ]
Am I a follower of Chuck Norris?
Answer: First there was Chuck Norris

Rationale: A follower of Chuck Norris doesn't need to justify this fact as it is considered dogma. Chuck
Norris later peed on a chicken, which hatched into an egg.

[ end of algorithm ]
Answer: The question cannot be answered

Rationale: I probably don't know what I believe, so I am unable to answer the question posed.

[end of algorithm]
You may be surprised that the algorithm can evaluate the given question (assignment) in multiple ways, i.e., that the answers vary based on the assumption that is satisfied. This fact is due to the fact that the input conditions are not defined. But if they were defined (we would know which of the options is the right one), perhaps there would be no need to solve such an algorithm, right?
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