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As my darlings would say...
The woodcutter, a sturdy men, took an axe and went out into the world to try...
But the cursed tree, the mythical one, got in his way, so he told himself: I'll cut you to pieces...
Only poisoned apples were born on it, but people liked them...
And he said, Ye have been fast asleep, but the thunderbolts have stirred you up to awake...
The tree resisted, struggled and trembled, for it was fighting for its life...
A life that benefited from depriving others of it...
He had numbered the days of that tree, though it was as wide as a house...
The axe clenched for the last time, and the tree fell to the ground with a clatter, would do no more harm to
the people of that kingdom...
Who knew it could have such a happy ending. And the woodcutter became king ;) or did he?
PS: As it is in the beginning, there it is now, and always, and for ever and ever ;)
Unless they don't ;)
For he who seeks may well be lost ;)
In translation ;)
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